Why You Are Not Losing Weight

Some key factors why you are not losing as much bodyfat as you want or achieving the physique you desire:

1) Missing meals or starving the body. Everyday I hear a story about some women saying I'm only eating 600 calories and doing an hour of cardio and I can't lose any weight. No shit. You are starving the body and it will refuse to let any fat go when starved.

2) You are doing too much cardio.

If you want to get fit you need to lift. ESPECIALLY YOU WOMEN!! Lift, Lift, Lift. 70% of your efforts need to be with weights. Adding muscle increases metabolism and forces the body to burn more calories during the day. Cardio makes you soft and eats away at muscle.

3) You are not getting enough carbs. I see so many people especially competitors on this low and no carb diets doing 2 hours of cardio, only once they come off they find out their thyroids are shot and it can take years if ever to return to normalcy. If you are training daily your body needs fuel. Plain and simple. Eat healthy slow digesting carbs.

4) You simply are not working hard enough. If being fit was simple everyone would do it. Eating 5 healthy meals, doing some sets in the weight room and an hour of cardio does not guarantee you will receive the results you want. Life is all about return on investment. if you invest maximum effort into your studies, your job, finances or your body, you will get the desired payout in the end. Walking on a treadmill for an hour or getting on the stairmaster is not maximum investment., Its minimal

5) You are doing the wrong type of cardio. Get your ass off the treadmill or elliptical. 20 mins of sprints or bleachers on the football field trumps walking and jogging on the treadmill for an hour all day. Believe it!!!!

6) Your lift can be fat burning as well. I know why so many people fail at lifting programs. They do a set, wait 3-4 minutes then do another. Boring Boring Boring. Yeah I would quit too. Shorten rest periods to a minute or less between sets. If you are not sweating 5 minutes in, you aren't working hard enough!! Increase intensity!!!

7) You have a cheat day not a cheat meal. I guarantee the person that invented the term "cheat day" was a fat ass. Its "cheat meal" have a cheat meal once every 10-14 days and then get your ass in the gym and make it work for you!!

8) Alcohol: Oh you can't lose weight but you drink come happy hour Friday or out Saturday night? No shit. If you want to cut the fat, cut the booze!!! I guarantee if you went 30 days with no alcohol you would see and feel a dramatic difference!!!

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